The Munch Inn is the tuckshop operated by the P&C. Our tuckshop was the winner of the 2012 QAST Healthiest Menu for a primary schools.

From Week 3 of Term 3 our opening days will be  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  (before school, first and second breaks).     We will have special menus from around world changing weekly. 


Price lists are sent home with each child before tuckshop opens in the second week of school.

Menu items will vary slightly from first to second break, meaning a more streamlined approach to keeping those tummies full.  Most main meal items will be available for first break only, while second break will still have sandwiches, snacks and other goodies on offer.  We will be introducing weekly specials from around the world.  Keep your on Flexischools and around the school grounds for more information on what will be on offer each week.

Our Munch Inn Term 4 Tuckshop Menu 2019 (PDF, 697KB) is designed to provide healthier food choices for students. Many of the items on our menu are made “in house” from fresh ingredients to provide the best flavour and nutritional value. All food, snacks and drinks bags are colour coded into 2 categories:

  • Green – Eat often
  • Amber – Eat occasionally

Special dietary requirements

We can cater for children with special dietary needs if advised in advance. 

All meals are nut free and most meals are egg free. While we attempt to avoid any allergy foods in our cooking, traces may be found in foods during the manufacturing process.

How to order

To reduce food waste, you must order all meals.  Only a few items are for sale over the counter.  You can order online or drop your order in person before school.


Visit the Flexischools website. You will need to register then search for our school. The full menu is available online and you can order and pay with your credit card. You can even place a regular weekly order and automatically top up your account with your credit card.

In person

1) Use a separate brown paper bag for 1st and 2nd break and hot and cold food items (excluding drinks).

2) On a brown paper bag clearly write the following:

  • First or second break
  • Child’s name
  • Class
  • Menu items and costs
  • For hot food, please indicate your choice of:- V = Vegetarian, DF = Dairy Free, GF = Gluten Free or EF = Egg Free.

3) Place money in brown paper bag (close to exact payment  is always appreciated). Please no foreign currency coins.

4) Place orders in the baskets marked 1st or 2nd break at the tuckshop before school.

Please select from our menu, you may take items off but please do not add items - it makes it very difficult for our kitchen volunteers.


Without a team of volunteers we cannot be successful in serving our healthy and nutritious meals. If you are able to spare any amount of time to help out we would be so pleased to meet you and add you to the roster – once a month is fantastic. Come and join the mayhem and make some new friends – we have a lot of fun at the Munch Inn.

Do you love baking? Daily we have “homebake” on our menu and I would love you to bake a donation. Come and see Tania if you can volunteer or help with baking. 

If you are not a parent of a student in the school, you will require a Blue Card to volunteer in the tuckshop - please complete the Blue Card application form (PDF, 220KB).

Last reviewed 09 October 2019
Last updated 09 October 2019